3 Experts Share the One Blogging Tip That Made the Biggest Difference

3 Experts Share the One Blogging Tip That Made the Biggest Difference

Blogging is as alive and well in 2021 as it ever has been, and it’s a great thing to consume yourself with. It allows you to be creative, share some wonderful content with the world, and maybe even earn some money. And that’s the end goal for most bloggers, right?

People set up these blogs as a way to earn some money on the side and maybe even have it become something more than just a side-hustle. Through affiliate programs, sell sponsored blog posts, show ads, and more.

But there’s a lot that goes into this and it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to spend a ton of time finessing your craft, tweaking your design, and sharing content with the world. From your SEO rankings and social media game, to new email and digital marketing efforts – there’s a ton of stuff to consider.

You can take a look at hundreds of articles online as a way to get started and grow your blog. In this piece, I wanted to talk to a few successful bloggers and get the ONE tip that changed everything for them and helped them take things to the next level:

(1) Find Your Specific Niche

Gerallt Hywel, an Outdoor Enthusiast and Founder of Wild Bird World watched his blog grow after finally finding his specific niche.

In the beginning, his blog was a little more scattered and his content covered a wide variety of topics related to the outdoors, nature, and more. Eventually, he realized that visitors coming to his site would want the best birdwatching content they can find and that’s what he’s focused on ever since.

He now creates in-depth content focused on bird watching, backyard birding, how to care for pet birds, and more things in this stratosphere.

(2) Create the Highest Quality Content

Nora Mitchell is the Editor-in-chief of Household Advice, a website designed to cover home repair, DIY projects, design, and more. She has had success because of the high-quality, in-depth content they have been creating.

Before Nora started her blog, she could only find vague content on the Internet related to the topics she wanted to learn about. It was very hard to find content that covered things as in-depth as I needed and most content lacked the meat she was looking for.

When she started her blog, she made it her goal to create the in-depth, high quality content she was looking for a few months beforehand. As it turns out, many other people also had an appetite for this type of content and the reception to her blog has been very positive.

(3) Be Patient and Stay on The Path

James Idayi is the founder of Cloudzat. In the beginning, it’s tough for a new blog to find a new audience and stand out from others. It takes time, hard work, persistence, and patience.

James worked hard on developing a user-friendly blog that would be easy to navigate and appear well on mobile devices. With that completed, James continued on the path he had laid out for himself and worked hard to continue to see his blog grow each month.

By creating continuous content and listening to his growing readership, Cloudzat kept growing into the well-respected blog it is today. But it took time, patience, and lots of work went into it.

What piece of advice changed the way you blog?

Blogging has become such a competitive, prosperous craft that is alive and well in 2021. Bloggers are still taking any piece of advice they can get to grow their blog to be as big and as successful as it can be.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to chat with an experienced blogger and get some real, insightful advice to create the best blog possible.

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