4 Major Reasons Paid Media is Worth the Investment

4 Major Reasons Paid Media is Worth the Investment

Just about everyone knows that search engine optimization is critical for getting traffic to a website, it doesn’t typically bring immediate returns, which makes both SEO and paid media necessary for ranking higher faster. 

Quick Results

While paid media comes with a cost, it’s well worth the investment. Entrepreneur.com noted that 35 percent of all marketing spent is on digital, with an increasing number of companies shifting to it with the ability to spend less for more return. Obviously, those organizations are seeing real results, or they wouldn’t be spending, but you might want to know more to understand why it makes financial sense.

It can take months for SEO to work, but paid media can help you get up and running in no time, catching up to your competitors and perhaps surpassing them. While SEO is a long-term strategy, paid media allows for more immediate results. When set up correctly, you’ll be able to see your ads at the top of search results right away. You can place ads for keywords, potentially bringing in high-quality traffic without the hard work and time that it takes for search engine optimization to see results. 

Ads are Measurable and Affordable

When running a paid advertising campaign, you’ll be able to reach a very large, broad audience. The costs depend on the type of ad and the objective. For example, if you’re looking to improve brand awareness, you’ll incur a CPM or cost per 1,000 impressions. If your primary goal is to increase website traffic, you’ll incur a CPC or cost-per-click. An ad can be created in just minutes, and there are plenty of tools to help create the images you need at either a very minimal cost or no cost at all. You can set daily and total budgets for your campaign so that you don’t overspend and keep track of all the money you spend on paid ad platforms from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.

You Can Target Your Audience To Ensure the Best ROI

There are over a billion users on Instagram and more than 2.7 billion on Facebook, according to the latest statistics. Targeting your ads to all of them wouldn’t make sense. While anyone with money to burn could technically be your target audience, it waters down your positioning. By focusing on everyone, you’re talking to no one. The more narrowly you can define your audience, the more success your ad will have. 

Paid media can be very specific, allowing you to reach relevant visitors who fit the demographics of those truly interested in what you have to offer. By taking a look at your analytics across all digital platforms, you can analyze your audience, identifying common factors like interests, locations, job titles, gender, age, keywords used, and more. All that information can then be used to refine your paid media campaign to get more qualified leads and ultimately increase conversions.

You Can Get Your Brand and Message Out to Multiple Platforms

We’ve mentioned several platforms where paid media can be useful, but there are many others that allow you to broadcast your brand and unique message. You can have text ads appear above an Internet user’s Google search or take advantage of display banners. Plus, nearly all social media platforms have paid advertising options today, not only the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but Snapchat, Reddit, and YouTube. For the best odds of success, determine which digital platforms your primary target audience is using.

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