About the Founder

I’m so glad you’re here! A little bit about myself: I started my career at Business.com as a full-time online content writer in 2011, which is where I learned about SEO and the importance of link building with quality content. After about one year I moved on to the SEO agency, HigherVisibility, to further hone my skills as a blogger and link builder for their agency as well as some of their clients. I worked there for four years, building up relationships with publications (and traveling the world!) along the way.   

I eventually outgrew the grind of creating content everyday and found myself the head of the Marketing departments at a nonprofit (my favorite and proudest accomplishment came here, when I won a Pacific Southwest Regional Emmy for my work on a short film) and then a b-corportation. It was during this time that I really got to experience the struggles marketers face, learn skills beyond just content writing, and get the full picture of what it’s like to have your hand in all aspects of marketing.

Through it all, I never stopped freelance writing. You can read my writing on hundreds of digital marketing websites (just Google me 🙂 ). When I had my first child, I decided it was time to build up my own business- myself and my wonderful team Plan, Write, Go!