10 Instagram Metrics Every Marketer Should Track

10 Instagram Metrics Every Marketer Should Track

“You need to create content that your target audience will love and find useful.”

Are you tired of hearing this all the time?

While people are not wrong to say it, it may not be so easy to always be on point when it comes to creating educational, informative, and engaging content for Instagram.

If you’ve ever wondered how to know if your latest posts resonate with your followers, you’re not alone. Business profiles on Instagram have access to insights, but there are a lot of metrics available. How do you know which ones to track?

You’ll find the answer in this article.

Post Engagement

This is the first out of four main categories of Instagram metrics you should follow for optimal results.

Post engagement metrics tell you if the content you’ve posted resonates with your audience and if you’ve really tackled a problem that they have.

The most important metrics in this category are: 

  • Comments. These reflect your audience’s engagement much better than likes – if your followers want to leave feedback, your topic is on point.
  • Engagement ratio. It helps you eliminate fake followers and help more people enter your marketing funnel since higher engagement also means better reach.
  • Saves. If people are saving (or sharing) your content with others, it means they find it very useful.
  • Reach. Being one of the vital metrics in every Instagram marketing campaign, the reach can help you measure how many unique users have seen your post and track brand awareness. 

Story Engagement

Instagram Stories are the first thing you see when you open the app. They should have their own strategy, so make sure you track their success as well. For example:

  • Story views. If your stories have many views, you could make them Highlights and keep them on your profile.
  • Story retention rate. Do people watch your stories till the end or do they skip them? This metric can tell you if you’re covering relevant topics.
  • Story engagement ratio. Reactions and comments to your stories are also a sign of a well-picked topic. If you’re presenting new products in your stories, you may get inquiries as replies.

Audience Metrics

In this category, there are two main metrics you should follow:

  • Follower growth
  • Location 

Monitoring your audience and tracking growth can help you determine if your efforts to raise brand awareness pay off. That’s why in this sense the number of followers isn’t considered a vanity metric.

Other than tracking the rate at which your follower count grows, you should track their location. That helps you learn where your audience comes from so you can create content accordingly.

Instagram Ads

If you use Instagram ads, then you have another set of metrics to track –  metrics that tell you if you’ve targeted your campaign well.

  • Ad Campaign Click-through Rate. By tracking CTR, you will learn how many people clicked on your ad, so it’s a great sign of whether your visuals and copy resonate well with your target audience or you should make changes. And if you’re running several campaigns at once, you can compare their CTRs to discover which one is your top-performer.

Track Your Instagram Performance

If Instagram is a part of your marketing strategy, tracking your performance on this platform is crucial to maximizing its potential.

If you regularly monitor the metrics from each of the four categories we’ve mentioned, you’ll be ready to leverage the power of Instagram to raise your brand awareness, build a strong community, and generate more leads for your business.