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How to Create a Summary Newsletter That Your Readers Will Love

Remember when you were in school and you were taught to write a concluding paragraph? Although it was never supposed to start with “in conclusion,” it was expected to be there because it helps readers, as my teacher would say, “tie a nice bow around your article.” This same idea can be applied to an…
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4 Deceptive Google Analytics Metrics That Fool Marketers

Not all metrics are created equal. There are key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rate and revenue per session that are highly valuable for benchmarking your website’s performance and used to optimize against. You rely on these metrics being highly accurate. However, there are other metrics that shape important data-driven decision-making, that commonly deceive…
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6 Ways to Help Get Insights that Matter from Your Onsite Analytics

Analytic data has the potential to be a small business’s best friend if the business owner knows how to interpret the data correctly, and then use the findings to optimize their website.  If this seems like an overwhelming task to you, you’re not alone; it’s been said that the rule of analytics is “if you…
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