Get Rid of the Chaos: How to Declutter Your Blog and Keep It That Way

Get Rid of the Chaos: How to Declutter Your Blog and Keep It That Way

Many homeowners or renters experience clutter after being in one place for too long. You don’t want to throw something away because you might need it, things get lost in the back of the closet or under the bed, and after a while, the clutter gets to be so much that it’s tough to know where to even begin the decluttering process. Oddly enough, this exact same thing can happen to a website. Although it may seem much smaller than a home or even just a room, a website can also be quite large in a different way. Websites can have hundreds of pages, thousands of links, and tons of pictures. When all is said and done, a website has quite a bit of room for someone to clutter up. 

Fortunately, cleaning up a blog is easy. Many blog owners get nervous that changing a blog will cause them to lose valuable information, but this is usually not the case. Just as in a house, you can clean it up without throwing anything away. It is all about organization. It will help your visitors navigate your site easier and thus will hopefully only improve your blog traffic. 

Top 5 Ways to Clean Up Your Blog

You should sit down and spend an entire day cleaning up your blog. Although it is a bit time-consuming, most find that it is a fun and easy activity. Consider some of the ways you can clean up your blog:

  1. Web Design Features/Layout – Sometimes the layout and format of the blog are causing it to look cluttered. When you were first starting a business or starting your blog, you likely wanted it all—calendar, tweet log, recent posts, every single social networking button, etc.—but this isn’t all necessary. This can cause a blog to look too busy, so it’s a good idea to spend some time going back and getting rid of features that you never use. 
  1. Unnecessary Pages – Many blogs have many different categories and many different pages displayed on the homepage. Go through and see how many of these categories you actually use. Many are surprised to find that some pages are filled with just one article. Try and fit all of your articles into fewer categories and try to eliminate any other pages that are unnecessary. If you have a “write for us” page and a “guest post” page, it’s time to combine them. 
  1. Unnecessary Links – Older blogs are usually filled with links, and in most cases these links are dead. Not only do a bunch of links give your blog a cluttered look, but they give your blog a bad reputation if they don’t even work. You don’t want your visitors continually clicking dead links and losing focus, so go through and delete these links. 
  1. Colors and Pictures – This is usually the easiest fix for a blog. If your theme has a very busy background and is filled with huge pictures, it’s going to be overwhelming for a reader. This gives your blog the illusion of being cluttered even if it is not. Consider getting a simpler background and see how it looks. 
  1. Old Content – One easy way to de-clutter your blog is to go through all of your old content. If you’re finding that your blog is full of now irrelevant articles, you may want to either delete them or take them off of your homepage. It is also a good idea to close comments on these old and irrelevant posts to avoid spammers and clutter. 

It is important for a blog owner to remember that content does not have to be lost just because you are reorganizing the blog, and visitors will not get confused over a major restructure. Although you will have to announce to your loyal readers that your site is undergoing maintenance, many will be able to adapt because you are organizing. This will overall make your blog easier to navigate and more enjoyable to read.