How to Change Your Boring Blog into Something Unique

How to Change Your Boring Blog into Something Unique

I truly believe that one of the most difficult things for a blogger is finding a topic to discuss. You know the value of blogging and you want to be good at it, but there are so many blogs to compete with. You want to be original and unique, but just when you think you’ve got an idea you see it pop up on a similar blog. The fact that you even have to say “similar blog” is somewhat unsettling. Every blogger wants their blog to have something different to offer; not because of the money or the increased traffic, but because a blog is so personal. You want to express your individuality while still giving advice, but this becomes more and more difficult as the years continue. 

Fortunately, there are a few easy blog topics that you can make your own. Whether you’re starting a small business blog or just working to improve your personal blog, it’s always good to have a few backup options when creativity is ignoring you. 

5 Generic Blog Ideas That You Can Make Unique

  1. Reviews – Lots of people do reviews, but what is being reviewed is almost always different. This makes reviews a great way to express your individuality and give readers something unique to read. You can review anything you wish—books, movies, websites—and I think you’ll find that creating a review is actually a lot of fun. 
  1. Interviews – If you are having a difficult time thinking of things to say, find someone else to do the talking. You likely know someone with a story to tell, so interview them and then help readers put the pieces together. What can someone learn from this interview? If you have a few experts reading your blog, you may also consider asking them if they would like to be interviewed. Just be sure you do a brief background check to ensure you don’t waste your time. 
  1. Contests – This works best if you have a lot of readers and/or subscribers. Write a blog post that poses a question or asks for opinions, and then create a contest around it. Many blogs hold contests for the most original article, the most thought-provoking piece, etc. However, the tricky thing with contests is coming up with a prize. Consider giving out a cash prize or a free book. In the end, this will be fun, draw in more readers, and will certainly be unique to your blog. 
  1. Personal Experiences – Begin writing about a personal experience or a dream you may have. Although this may not be the direction you want your blog to take, you might be surprised to find that there is a lesson related to your blog that can come out of your personal experiences and/or dreams. Just begin writing and see what happens. This is about as unique as you can get. 
  1. Surveys and Polls – Surveys and polls require very little writing for those days when you just don’t have a good topic. Nonetheless, surveys are not second best to articles. Surveys can help you gauge what your readers are thinking and will likely give you some ideas for future topics. In addition, readers generally like surveys because they get to see what others are thinking. 

I have found that sometimes trying to be unique is the worst thing you can do for your writing. Looking around other blogs to see different topics will only discourage you from writing about something that peaks your interest. If you have an opinion about something, don’t hesitate to turn it into an article. It will be unique—whether you realize it or not.