Old Marketing Strategies That Still Work in the Modern Age

Old Marketing Strategies That Still Work in the Modern Age

Even as businesses move forward in the digital era, there are things that remain the same. A good example of this is marketing methods. In a way, marketing strategies are more advanced because of improvements in science and technology.

However, in some ways, the technique is the same as it was hundreds of years back. While some marketing solutions are seen as the past, they are still applicable even in the digital space. These are some of the forgotten marketing strategies you can apply to boost your sales.

Promotional Giveaways and Gifts

Some companies ignore this option, but it’s one of the most beneficial marketing ideas you can pursue. It does not offer a quick impact like search engine optimization (SEO), but it comes with an overall impact. Some of the tactics require patience, and promotional giveaways are one of those ideas.

If you want to make people feel like they’re part of your movement, you should consider gifts and giveaways. The secret to an effective giveaway is ensuring you’re giving something that is beneficial to the recipient. Things like a shirt with your logo or a gift card will help your business win more allies, as this also works as free advertising.

Offline Guerilla Marketing

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Guerilla marketing includes using unconventional marketing avenues. Because online marketing channels are structured narrowly, you can use offline marketing channels as the best substitute to reach your target market.

This is an effective option if you’re targeting a small geographic area, so you would need to concentrate your effort on this area. With offline marketing, you can play around with many ideas. Just be creative and offer something that will get the conversation going about your business.

Some ideas you could try for offline marketing include using chalk to advertise promotions on sidewalks. For this, you can be a little artistic to draw interest in what you’re promoting. The other option is leaving branded USBs and pens around. Also, you can donate branded bookmarks to local libraries.

Leaving sticky notes in different places or creating temporary images on cars can also have a strong effect. To get information about your campaigns, you can ask your customers how they learned about your business. With this information, you can improve your marketing efforts. Their answers will allow you to understand where to focus your marketing strategy.

Drop Business Cards

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This is another offline strategy that is effective if you target the right places. Offering business cards should be an ongoing strategy, and it’s effective if you just launched your business. The idea is to have business cards everywhere. The only problem is challenges sharing with people you cannot physically meet, so you can drop the cards here and there.

There are many places you could drop the cards, including at a public bulletin board. Also, visit the library and put a few cards in books. Check if there’s a contest fishbowl that could do with business cards.

When you attend conferences and business events, don’t hesitate to distribute your business cards.  If you want someone to help you write content for your business card, you can hire someone at Plan Write GO for professional marketing help.

Word of Mouth Marketing

This is an old-school technique that any business could use to promote its services and products. As high as 92 percent of consumers trust referrals from other people, even those they don’t know. This method works more effectively than branded content.

As a marketer, you should consider using influencer marketing strategies to boost word-of-mouth marketing in the digital space. For this, you can use social media as your channel to reach the target market. If you want to get free marketing, provide excellent services and products, so consumers will naturally recommend the product to their friends.

This is one of the ways you can make your customers act like company insiders. A good product can help you build a relationship with your customers.

Snap Daily Business Activities

Don’t forget that your campaigns can get a boost from simple offline efforts. You can do this by taking some photos of your operations and fun activities. People get their interest aroused when they see the things your company is up to and the environment your employees enjoy.

If someone from your company is supposed to give a speech or run a workshop, you should record the events and upload the content on social media channels. Photos from an offline environment help to reveal the company’s personality and your business environment as well. This can boost engagement and reach.

Sign Spinning

When designing a marketing strategy, don’t underestimate using theatricality. In some cities, you’ll come across crowded commercial strips, often with a few sign spinners literally making a spectacle during prime hours.

While this seems a difficult approach to believe, studies have proven the efficacy of these marketing strategies in grabbing the wandering eyes of people passing by. Considering the low cost of a sign spinning campaign, this can be an effective way to get the message out there on a small budget. 

Postcard Retargeting

Postcards are among cool marketing techniques that have stayed under the radar for a long time. This old-school technique is effective if you combine it with digital tools. For example, you can use modern retargeting solutions when a person visits your website and purchases or checks out items.

You can use the relevant postcards, which you send out to the residential consumer. This is postcard retargeting, and it’s inspiring a resurgence in direct mailing for businesses. As a part of the campaign, you can include freebies and discounts. Direct mail marketing is a memorable solution that can drive conversions to your website and also offer long-lasting benefits.

The Takeaway

In some situations, the internet is not always the way to reach your target market. Even if this is what you prefer, you could boost your marketing effort with a few traditional methods. With these forgotten strategies, there’s less competition, so you can do a lot to promote your products and build a strong relationship with your target audience.

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