The “Must-Haves” of Every Big Step in SEO

The “Must-Haves” of Every Big Step in SEO

Any veteran website owner will tell you that there are a lot of things you need to prepare before you take steps to improve your SEO. It’s a long process and there are many advanced things to consider, but even just the basics of SEO require careful and calculated things to prepare. Before you try to make a move, there are several “must-haves” you should keep in mind to avoid making mistakes that could take three times as long to fix. 

How to Prepare for SEO Milestones

As discussed above, making sure your SEO strategy progresses successfully involves some “must-haves” from everyone involved. Preparation is going to be key, so consider some of the things you should keep in mind before you attempt a few of these SEO steps:

Pitching a Guest Article

  • Have published content. You always want to be able to show sample articles of your content in your pitch. Even if you don’t want to put the links in your pitch, at least offer and make sure if the editor is interested you have something to show. Even if this is your first time trying to submit a guest article, have something published on your own site. 
  • Use a business email address. If you have a business and are writing an article for that business, a business email address will give you better chances because it can seem more legitimate. Of course, this isn’t a necessity, but it’s helpful. 
  • Be present on social media. You want an editor to be able to find you elsewhere online so that they know you are real, and social media is a great way to do that. It also shows that you have the outlets to promote the content you write. 
  • Have a few content ideas. You have to have a great idea, but having a few can really set you apart. If an editor doesn’t like one, it shows you are willing to work with him/her to make it right. 

Hiring an SEO Agency or Expert

  • Know who will work with the agency. Knowing who will work with the agency or the expert is important because he/she/they should be there for the hiring process. 
  • Have clear goals in mind. Again something that might seem obvious, it’s incredibly important to have clear goals in mind when you go to search for an SEO agency. There are quite a few things that an agency or expert can do, but you need to stay true to your goals and not get swayed too far off your path. 
  • A price in mind. It’s very important to do your research and have a price in mind when hiring an SEO agency or expert. It can be easy to let a company talk you into paying more than you want, so don’t go into this search blindly. 

A Website Redesign

  • Know what will stay and what will go. It’s incredibly important that before you jump into a redesign you know what you want to remove. Believe it or not, a lot of businesses do this too quickly, and then when it comes time to make decisions there is hesitation and the website is stuck in limbo. A good tip is to look at your Google Analytics to find pages that aren’t performing.
  • Have your content written. In the majority of cases, a redesign means fresh content and/or new content on new pages. However, it’s very common to forget that you should write the content before the redesign and not after. There is nothing worse than launching a new site with a new look and new idea but have to wait to write new content. In addition, designers can usually create the best designs if they know what content they will be working with (from someone who has redesigned a site in the past, this is incredibly helpful!
  • Give your readers a heads-up. A redesign could be confusing, so let your readers know what’s coming. This will help you avoid any annoyed customers coming to your site and giving up because something seems off.

Creating a Social Media Account

  • Know who will be in charge. Before setting up a social media account, make sure you have the manpower to keep it updated and managed. Not only that, but it’s important to identify who is going to manage what aspect of social media so that you aren’t scrambling when you’re already live. 
  • Set goals for your posts. You need to know what it is you want to get out of one or all of your social accounts. Before you set it up, determine what types of things you want to post and how often so that you can remain consistent and don’t lose those initial followers/friends. 

The Takeaway

In the end, preparation is going to save your company a lot of time and money, and it isn’t difficult to put things into place. Doing your research is going to take you far (starting with this article!), and taking the extra time to make sure you have all of these “must-haves” will be worth it in the long run.