Why Freelance is a Term Every Business Owner Should Know

Why Freelance is a Term Every Business Owner Should Know

Starting your own company can be overwhelming, and any good businessman or woman knows that the right employees are crucial to the success of a startup company. Hiring employees is stressful, but there is another option that many first-timers may not realize. Every company needs good technical writers, and some companies need someone who can write more creative and innovative articles. For positions like these, you are able to hire freelance writers, or independent contractors, who are self-employed and therefore not committed to any particular company. While writing is the most common position that new companies use freelance writers, freelancers can be found for other positions such as website design, marketing, and even public relations. 

Five Advantages to Hiring Freelancers 

  1. You get quality work – Freelance workers often have more experience than you can afford to hire and are able to produce good, quality work. Most freelance writers’ or web designers’ sole profession is writing articles and developing web pages for different companies, so they are able to change their style and tone to generate an article or webpage that fits your company perfectly. 
  1. You can sample the work first – Most freelance workers have samples of their work you can look at before you choose to have them work on a project for your company. In many cases, freelance workers will even write you a sample article or design a sample webpage specifically for your company, and you can then decide if it is a good fit. If so, then you pay the freelancer. If not, you don’t have to go through the formalities of letting go an employee you hired on full-time, but can simply just tell the freelancer you are going in a different direction. 
  1. Cost-effective – If you were to hire an employee full-time you will need to pay social security taxes, medical coverage, liability insurance, and retirement plan contributions. If you hire a freelance writer, at least to start, they pay all of this out of their own pockets.
  1. Great for smaller projects – If you are starting a company you have enough to worry about; however there are always those little projects that you need to get finished right at the start in order for your company to grow. Instead of taking the time to interview, hire, and then eventually let go of an employee for one simple job, you can use a freelancer. They will come, do the job, and that’s it—no long term obligations. 
  1. Flexible Hours – A freelancer usually has flexible hours, and in some cases might be working solely on your company’s project. If you ever feel that you need something done quickly, even if it occurs over a weekend or after hours, a freelancer is almost always available to take action and get the job done because they do not have any 9-5 obligations.   

Freelance workers can be found through a variety of different mediums. In many instances, a freelance writer has his/her own website complete with work samples, descriptions of their qualifications, and contact information. Finding a freelance worker though a past employer or business associate is also a good way to start jumping onto the freelance bandwagon. 

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