Category: Social Media Tips

How to Utilize Keywords for Social Media Networks

Although many businesses don’t know it, keywords are valuable for more than just Google results pages. The same logic that applies to the importance of Google keywords also applies to social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After all, these social networks have a search function in the same way Google has a search…
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What Is a Relevance Score on Facebook Ads?

Is your ad underperforming? Are you not getting the results you expected? The explanation is sometimes simple — the message you’re conveying just doesn’t resonate with your target audience. But, although very common, that’s not the only possible reason for low ad performance. To determine why your ad underperforms, the first thing you should do…
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How Companies Can Successfully Use Facebook Live

First introduced in the summer of 2015, Facebook Live has since become an extremely popular way for users to create videos and engage with their friends and family.  Although in the beginning, it was only an option for celebrities, nowadays anyone with a Facebook account (and a decent internet connection) has access to Facebook Live,…
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