Email Templates for Every Situation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email Templates for Every Situation [INFOGRAPHIC]

You’re busy, but you also have emails to send, reply, and delete from your relentlessly chiming inbox. That’s a chunk of your workday gone that could’ve been filled in by a project or two. On top of writing an important message, you have to factor in time-consuming nuances such as the recipients and call to action. Multiply that effort by dozens of emails every day, and you get “Subject Line: Stress.”

The daily volume of emails won’t stop any time soon, but email templates may be a helpful solution. Gmail Canned Responses generates email templates for you to polish and customize. With this helpful tool, you can whip up messages quickly — like email was supposed to be!

Email templates can drastically decrease the time you spend drafting emails. You can worry less about the trivial stuff and simply fill in the blanks. Check out the graphic below to save time and energy when writing emails. 

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