Our Story

How it Started

I’m so glad you’re here! Plan, Write, GO started as my side-hustle and turned into a profitable, highly successful LLC in a little less than one year. I started the company because the longer I worked in this field, I started realizing a few things:

⇨ I was being hired as a ghost writer all over the place – most CEOs don’t write their own content, but still have their names on the articles.
⇨ It became clear to me that I was being hired because I worked in the marketing field for so long, and most bloggers out there might be less expensive, but they don’t understand marketing.
⇨ People don’t like to write. They think blogging is easy, so there ends up being a massive turnaround when hiring writers. I have dealt with this personally, and spent years building the right team.

With that said, we pride ourselves on getting the content right the first time so you don’t have to spend hours with us on revisions (but no matter what, we’ll always offer unlimited revisions if you feel we need them). We make this possible in a few different ways:

⇨ I hire and train my writers before I accept new clients. Nobody on our team is stretched too thin. I try to keep this a boutique agency with no more than 20 clients at one time, which is why we have the reviews that we do.
⇨ I hire and train writers who have prior marketing experience. This is our secret sauce (yes – I’ll give it away!). Too many agencies out there hire any blogger who has the time, and it shows in the writing.

The Long Story

A little bit about myself…I started my career at Business.com as a full-time online content writer in 2011, which is where I learned about SEO and the importance of link building through quality content. After about one year I moved on to the SEO agency, HigherVisibility, to further hone my skills as a blogger and link builder for their agency as well as some of their clients. I worked there for four years, building up relationships with publications (and traveling the world!) along the way.

I eventually outgrew the grind of creating content everyday and found myself the head of the Marketing departments at a nonprofit and then a corporation. It was during this time that I really got to experience the struggles marketers face, learn skills beyond just content writing, and get the full picture of what it’s like to have your hand in all aspects of marketing.
Through it all, I never stopped freelance writing. You can read my writing on hundreds of digital marketing websites (just Google me ?). When I had my first child, I decided it was time to build up my own business and never looked back.