Our Team

Our Team of Marketing Professionals 

Unlike many blog-writing businesses out there, we do not outsource our content, and we employ writers who have a background in online marketing. We also work hard to hire writers who specialize in different aspects of marketing (see below) to ensure you’re getting content written by someone with in-depth experience.

You will always be reading content from our small team of writers featured below, and then working with Amanda or Ali to make sure the content is just right.

Amanda DiSilvestro

Founder & Editor-in-chief

Amanda started her career as a guest blogger full-time for Business.com and HigherVisibility. She went on to work at a non-profit and then a b-corporation as a Marketing Manager, but never stopped freelancing. Check out “Our Story” to learn more!

Alison Johnson

Writer & Editor

Ali’s career started as a high school English teacher, which eventually led to her pursuing her passion for writing full-time as a blogger for an SEO agency. She’s been working with Amanda for years behind-the scenes first as a writer and now editor.

Amanda Figueroa


Amanda specializes in email marketing and improving the overall customer experience. Currently, she’s the Marketing Director for a Biotech company in San Diego, CA. She also enjoys freelance writing on the side as writing is one of her true passions!

John Worman


John started his career in sales and transitioned to working on marketing teams and freelance writing. This gives him a unique perspective into how the two departments work together, making him a great writer covering all-things digital.

Our Affiliate Partners

We focus on providing quality content to business owners, but we know there are many other aspects of a marketing strategy to consider. If you’re in need of web design, development, videography, or more for your company, we highly recommend the individuals below (you’ll get a more personal touch than hiring a one-stop SEO agency…trust us!).

We do earn a small commission from the entreprenuers below if you end up hiring them, but we have personally worked with each and every person and vouch for their expertise.

Jason Zotara

PPC Management

Because organic content is our thing, Jason is our go-to PPC guy. He’s the owner of Ten26 Media, and we love that he is so hands-on when it comes to paid search.

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Matt Miller


Matt is videographer who freelances on the side. He has created countless videos for us in the past and we love his style. Plus, he’s a one-man show so his attention to detail is great!

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Savannah Morgan

Graphic Design

If you need a catalog or other marketing material, or are looking to rebrand your business entirely, Savannah is a hard-working and talented graphic designer.

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David Gaz

Web Design & Development

David is the owner of The Bureau of Small Projects, based in Los Angeles. He has built a strong team of designers and evelopers to help you take your website to the next level.

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