Use the Power of Salesforce to Drive Your Nonprofit’s Success

Use the Power of Salesforce to Drive Your Nonprofit’s Success

Nonprofits and higher education organizations both need the same tools and resources as for-profit companies. Salesforce’s Power of Us program works with these kinds of groups directly, with over 40,000 organizations to date. 

Ultimately, the “Power of Us” program allows nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions to access Salesforce products and resources so that they can drive their success in the important ways that other for-profit companies already do, with some help from donors and special rates specific to the organizations.

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In the above screenshot, you can see the overview of the program on the Salesforce website. You are able to easily determine your eligibility. 

On their website, you can also take a readiness survey if you are interested in joining and want to get a sense of what priorities are most important for your non-profit/higher education company. 

What is Salesforce More Broadly? 

Salesforce is a CRM system (Customer Relation Management) suite of products that can help to grow your organization substantially. For non-profits, the first 10 licenses are at no cost to you, and any additional licenses you want are substantially discounted. Some of these products include Sales Cloud,, the mobile application and capabilities, Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce  Information regarding each specific license/tool can be found on their product page. 

Unique Feature: Us Hub

One of the unique features of the Power of Us program is the resources and specific services directed at these types of businesses called the “Us Hub.” The Hub is absolutely something you need to try if you are in the midst of a 30-day trial, or considering one because it is a huge selling point for non-profit and higher education companies.

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Once you have the Salesforce program, there are three steps to joining the Us Hub feature:

  1. Update your Chatter profile and review your settings 
  2. Ask a question and/or find resources 
  3. Join groups and/or follow people and topics

The “three steps” link provided above has even more detailed instruction with step-by-step screenshots if you have any issues getting signed up. Once you are on, it provides you with a unique community and valuable resources that are the key feature to non-profit success with this software. 

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There are many different non-profits that have had specific success with this feature, and with the Salesforce software more generally. Click here to see some incredible success stories and testimonials. In my opinion, this really hits home for why companies like yours need to be getting on board!

You might be wondering—what are the downsides to Salesforce over others? Overall, we think that it is a very solid product (one of the best available, especially for non-profits with the considerable price discount and 10 free licenses that standard businesses do not get). The downside to any CRM system is that it is usually not the system as much as it is the user—make sure you educate yourself well on the different platforms and consult a representative with any questions you might have because there can be a learning curve. 

Do you have experience using Salesforce products as a non-profit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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