Why Google Isn’t the Only Place to Advertise – How to Optimize Local Search Marketing

Why Google Isn’t the Only Place to Advertise – How to Optimize Local Search Marketing

Do not be afraid of big search engines if you are a small business.  Any good businessman or woman knows that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to either success or failure of a business. While the potential to advertise online is huge, local marketing is the perfect place to start and is ideal for small companies looking to target individuals in a specific area. Chances are your customers or clients will want to meet face to face if they are interested in your company in any way, so taking advantage of local searches is extremely important. You need to be sure that your company can be searched for by people in your area. 

According to WebFX, “80% of local searches result in conversions” and “46% of Google searches are for local businesses.” In order to be sure that your company is not missing out on these large amounts of customers (and money), there are several local mediums that you should be sure you target when trying to “get local”:

Ways to “Get Local”

  1. Google – This is an obvious choice for most businesses when it comes to marketing their company because this is the most obvious choice for customers when they are looking for a product or service. This takes just a few easy steps: 
  • Go to the Google home page and click on “advertising programs”
  • Click on GoogleAds 
  • Create a Google Account
  • Go to “How it works” and click on “for local businesses”
  1. Other search engines – Google is not the only search engine around. Consider the other two “monsters” Bing and Yahoo, and consider local search engines. While local search engines, such as CitySearch, are not as popular, you can usually get your company to the top faster and easier than with something larger.
  1. City/town websites– Just about every city and town has a website. The easiest way to get involved is to call or email the editor of the website and ask to place an ad or a short description of your company on the website or newsletter. Normally, the website will have a contact link that will send you to the right place.
  1. City/town newsletters, newspapers, and radio stations – Reach out to a local paper or radio station and ask to be mentioned. The great thing about local papers and stations—they usually want to inform their community about the great products and services the town has to offer.

5. Sponsor a local team – There are almost always opportunities to support a community event or team. In most situations, sponsoring a local high school team will get your company name on the back of a t-shirt or in a thank you letter. In either situation, your name will be lingering all across the community.

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